Friday, November 7, 2008

Unable to maximize Microsoft Word properly?

Ever experienced the annoying problem of maximizing your word document, just to see it shrink to half or 2/3 screen? 

Solution : Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Right click on Microsoft Word 2007.
Change Run drop down item to Maximized.

Now you're making full use of your monitor again =).

p/s: should work with other window apps as well, but so far I only face this problem with Microsoft Office applications.


eric said...

thank you so much for this. It was such an annoyance

Alexis said...

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Alex said...

I often work with word files,but today I was very put out by reason of all my word files were lost no one knew how. To my good fortune I found on a soft blod next utility - recover word file,which resolved my problem for minutes and free of charge as if I didn't make a mistake. Besides it is easy to use in my view.

bumpyfunk said...

This doesnt work on mine...still exactly the same.