Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Mario AI Competition

In association with the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Games Innovation Conference 2009 (ICE-GIC) and IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG), a Super Mario AI competition is being organized. Those interested can still submit their codes as the deadline is August 18th (ICE-GIC) and Sept 3rd (CIG). Meaning you probably have to crank up the codes in the space of a month. The competition is based on a modified version of Infinite Mario Bros by Markus Persson, which was coded in Java,

Cash prizes are as follows:

ICE-GIC (Deadline: August 18th)

Prizes – USD 200,100 and 50 to respective winners

CIG (Deadline: September 3rd)

Prize – USD 500

For more information please check out the competition page at http://julian.togelius.com/mariocompetition2009/index.php

Current AI prototype clips available (not done by me!):

The one below tries to follow the mouse.

Good luck everyone! Programmers, open up your IDE!

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