Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Next Windows – Windows 8 aka Windows.next

In the space of a few weeks recently, there seems to be much enthusiastic talks and “gossips” from Microsoft about Windows 8, the next operating system by Microsoft. According to Microsoft EMEA Regional VP of Consumer and Online John Mangelaars interview with the CIO, Windows 8 will be completely different and mind-blowing. Nothing much is known as this point, apart from the next Windows will now be dubbed (well, temporarily I guess, I don’t think that will be the final official name) Windows.next and it will be a far more integrated experience than ever before.

This is what I think we can expect with the release of Windows 8.

1. Windows 8 will be pure 64-bit OS.

2. Bing applications will be integrated into the OS, to enable “integrated” experiences.

Will this be what Microsoft needed to take on Google in the web? We’ll see. What’s your take on this?

The post on MSDN regarding this has been removed, but you can still obtain the Google’s cached version here. Grab it while its still there!

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