Friday, June 26, 2009

Preliminary Results for Microsoft Security Essentials by Av Test GmbH

Microsoft has finally did it. MSE passed Av-Test GmbH's preliminary tests. Their tests basically consist of a mixture of 3200 common viruses, bot Trojans and worms. They were obtained from the most recent WildList, so yeah, the malwares are pretty updated.

It is also mentioned that MSE successfully detected all the threats and treated them. Not only that, it also did well in the clean files tests, where MSE are to scan files which are commonly mistaken as "fake positives". MSE did not trigger any false alarm.

Despite claims by rival competitors that MSE will not be able to provide the protection needed, MSE did well to defy the odds. Looks like its a huge slap back on their face.

More tests will need to be done to see if MSE is finally a matured AV product or not. As of now, it looks to be in pretty good shape. will be testing the MSE in August, results of the tests will be know in the following month.

I won't bother running my own tests for MSE, the tests from these security companies are credible enough.

Ah, MSE does not use "cloud" to scan, it has its own local database and virus signatures.


Caffery said...

MSE is my current antivirus now.

Hopefully it doesn't let me disappointing.