Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Death of AC Adapters in the Future?

Recently, Fujitsu Labs has announced that the company has developed a new type of energy-saving transistor, which would eliminate the need of AC Adapters used for notebooks.

This new type of transistor made of gallium nitride can reduce losses that are lost in current power supply units of computers, notebooks and other devices to up to one-third or less of the current level. Also, with the smaller size of this new transistor, the power supply unit can thus be integrated into main body of the notebook itself. This will be handy, all you need is just a power cable (hopefully a generalized cable can be used so that we can use one cable for all different brand of notebooks) direct from your wall socket. This would also help to eliminate possible fire hazards, as I began to doubt the reliability of notebook AC Adapters recently due to frequent report of burnt adapters nowadays.

This transistor is expected to be around for practical application in 2011.