Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deposit Cheques at Home – Using a Scanner

It seems that we can deposit cheques from the comfort of our own home with just a scanner and internet connection soon, at least for the US-based residents. USAA, a financial service company which only serve people and family members who served in the US military is currently providing this service called “Deposit@Home”. This is specially convenient for those who travel often and have no time to go to the bank to drop in the cheque. You can check out the demo video at this link . There is report that Florida-based EverBank is about to start offering this service as well in the next few weeks.

I have no idea on whether this will actually be implemented in Malaysia. Luckily for us, the queue for cheque deposit aren’t usually very long.



GODzilla526 said...

I do think this will create alot of fraud. Since the picture file can be reuse. Example, by changing the cheque number and date i am able to cash out twice.

Looi Hong Aun said...

Godzilla: That's actually a good point. I was thinking that it could be easily tampered / edited, given the ease of using graphing editing software nowadays. Perhaps the bank will call the cheque issuer on the validity of the cheque before its cleared? That would be quite cumbersome though.