Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Microsoft Research Paper : CIBAI

If you’re from Malaysia or Singapore, you’re probably going to laugh your head off and going “WTF”. After that, please proceed below on what the research paper is about. For those peeps who don’t understand the fuss about the “Cibai”, I will explain at the end of this post.

“Class Invariants By Abstract Interpretation” , or CIBAI for short was a paper submitted by a researcher by the name of Francesco Logozzo. According to the abstract, Cibai is a generic static analyzer based on abstraction interpretation for modular analysis and verificiation of Java classes. A popular approach that’s frequently used validate program code is unit testing (eg. JUnit). Cibai was proposed to verify and test Java classes in a different way, and its results showed a higher level of automation and precision while having comparable performance. I have yet to finish reading through the paper, perhaps I’ll update this post later if I deem necessary. In fact this paper may be interesting for Java Developers to increase the quality of their codes.

Did you know that Cibai is also a word in Hokkein? A very "crude" one.

Cibai means female’s vagina in hokkien. It is also a commonly used vulgar word as it is the equivalent to the F word commonly used in English. Imagine a conference paper submitted by that name and its being read and heard via loudspeakers @_@.

This was just a coincidence, albeit a very rare random case. Please be careful when naming your products or papers. Google it before you actually put those words to paper.

Microsoft Research : Cibai

Hokkien Definition of Cibai


Anonymous said...

haha poor microsoft..

Looi Hong Aun said...

yea, its really really a random coincidence.

I read the paper so far, its actually pretty interesting!

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