Monday, July 6, 2009

Norton AV and Internet Security 2010 beta is out

A few weeks after MSE beta was announced, now its Symantec’s turn with their latest Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton Antivirus Beta. I was never a fan a Norton’s AV because of their huge memory footprint in previous versions. I heard that the 2009 version improved on this aspect but I was already “converted” to be a loyal user of Kaspersky, so I doubt I will ever go back to using Norton ever again. Don’t let this hinder you to test drive the beta though if you’re interested.

To the folks who want to try out the beta, you can grab it from their Beta Center at

Bear in mind, I have no idea how long the beta will last before it expires. I heard its about 2 weeks to a month, but I’m not able to find any details on this. Just keep this in mind if you decide to test drive it. Do let me know by posting a comment in this thread if you know.

And yes, it works with Windows 7.


kel_chensx said...

yeah, Norton seriously sux, not soley because of the problem u mentioned and cos its doesn't really gives u 'security':(

Looi Hong Aun said...

Yea, but I guess the memory footprint gave me a problem so fast that I probably uninstalled it without experiencing their security :P.

Anonymous said...

i never use Norton AV..
not good enough.. haha.. =D

Nolan said...

Norton Ghost does backups on the fly without restarting your system. Symantec provides most reliable and useful PC security software.