Monday, July 20, 2009

Fujifilm 3D Camera – Taking photos in 3D!

Two decades ago, Fujifilm developed the world’s first fully digital camera. Later this year, Fujifilm will unveil another new camera technology – the world’s first 3D digital camera.

FinePix Real 3D System (its tentative name at the current time of blogging), Fujifilm’s new gadget will hopefully allow it to be ahead of the competition in the already saturated consumer market. This will definitely rejuvenate the saturated digital camera market as the limits on the megapixels, optical zoom as well as as other features such as face detection and anti-shake seems to be common for all digital cameras to date.

I did not have the opportunity to have a look at the actual prototype of Fujifilm’s new camera. Based on reading other articles and sources, its quite pleasant to know that the prototype was not much bigger or heavier than the current digital cameras in the market. One obvious difference in Fujifilm’s 10 megapixel camera is that it uses two lenses instead of one, spaced from each other about the same distance between the two human eyes. This allows the camera to shoot two photos from different angles as viewed by each individual human eyes of the same scene. The camera then intelligently presents the two images discretely to the right and left eye of the viewer, thus resulting in a stereoscopic image (this two images help provides the depth lacking in 2D photos). For 3D prints, a plastic overlay is also needed to act as a lens to provide the depth effect.

It would be interesting to see how much would this print cost and will user be able to print these photos at home without much cost.



Kelvin said...

wah i wanna buy:P

Anonymous said...

3D? thats cool stuff! =D

Ken Albin said...

As a digital photographer this is interesting stuff! I will be looking forward to see how the reality stacks up to the promises.

yoon see said...

That's great, we wait and see!